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Long Island, NY


Elevate your wedding with high energy performers and exceptional music. Some like to play it safe and book your typical DJ. But honestly, nothing beats a party band with high energy musicians to set the bar for your special night.

Collection 3

Eight Piece


For the ultimate party people. With this option, yes you have an incredible band but we add some major flare to the night. Our party percussionist will join you on the dance floor with some djembe jams. Our horn section consisting of saxophone and trumpet will blow you away with their tasty tones. Our MC will hype up the crowd while also acting as a second vocalist to keep your party going all night!


Guitarist | Vocalist
Lead Guitar

Party Percussion

Keys | Sax


MC | Vocalist


Collection 2

Five piece

We like to keep it funky. With our wide variety of songs, we'll play bangers from various artists and genres. Our percussion is equipped with bongos, congas, and other world instruments to spice up the set. 

Guitarist | Vocalist
Lead Guitarist



Party Percussion



Collection 1

Four piece

The core four. You have all the tools to keep complete the sound and keep the party going. To get the full band feeling, a bassist is essential to carry the low end of the overall sound while the drummer becomes the heart beat of the night


Guitarist | Vocalist
Lead Guitarist



Pricing includes sound system and live sound engineer, travel time & expenses, set up and break down of equipment, phone/email support, and planning/rehearsal time. 


Learning a new song - $300 per song

Extra Hour of Music - Hourly rate x 1.5

DJ Services - please inquire

Pricing Factors


More experienced musicians will often charge more


The distance traveled will factor into the quote


Rates fluctuate throughout the year, with the summer having higher rates


The timing you desire for your day may affect the cost

*Rates can fluctuate throughout the year. Book ASAP to secure your rate and date. 

We've had the honor of playing multiple weddings as well as some iconic stages like The Paramount in Huntington and

Stephen Talkhouse. Many of our idols like Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer have played here. Our mission is to always play our hearts out, keep the party going, and simply entertain.

Check out a live video from The Paramount in Huntington.


Morgan & Kevin

WOW! Christian and the band are incredible. We hired them for our wedding and the music was truly perfect. We wouldn't have changed a thing. Most of our guests asked for Christian's info and wanted to see them again. His music are the vibes!
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